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Get in shape with VGFIT Fitness App

After weeks of living in hotels last November followed by endless parties during the Holiday Season, I ballooned to 187 lbs. I’m already used to this cycle of losing and gaining weight but at 187 lbs I am horrified. This is an all time high and I know how difficult it...

Travelling Soon? Book a Hotel using Traveloka

After weeks of making project proposals and beating deadlines, I thought I need a break. I don’t want to travel far from Iligan yet, but I just need to go outside the city to get my mind off work - do a little shopping, food tripping and perhaps watch a movie. So I...

Review : Helios 44m-6 on my Sony A6000

In my search for third party lenses for my Sony A6000 camera, I discovered the Helios 44m-6 lens series.    It’s a Russian made lens based on the 6 element F2.0/58mm pre-war Zeiss Biotar Design. When mounted it on my Sony A6000, the lens is a near 90mm medium...

Places to Visit : Iligan City Museum

Where to Eat in Iligan : Kyla’s Bistro & Kelsey’s Cafe and Restaurant

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