If you are planning to go to Boracay Island this summer you should take note of some things that you can and cannot do in the island. When President Duterte closed the island for 6 months, the government poured in millions of pesos to rehabilitate it – from road widening and concreting to improvement of sewerage and drainage system, rehabilitation of wetlands and demolition of illegal structures, clearing of the beachfront of unsightly structures to taking care of residents and workers who had been displaced by the closure.


Boracay Beach Front                                 Photo Credit : PENG HSIEN-YING

To sustain the gains of the rehabilitation of Boracay, the government, has set the following guidelines and restrictions for residents and tourists.

  1. Tourists must already be booked with a hotel that complied with the requirements imposed by the government and accredited by the DOT. Follow this link to check out the list of accredited hotels .
  2. Tourists are now required to present their hotel reservation slips before entering the island. No reservation, No entry.
  3. The island can accomodate over 19,000 tourists at any given day. But entry is now limited to 6,000 visitors per day. 
  4. Smoking and drinking of alcoholic drinks are no longer allowed at the white beach. Dining by the beach is also prohibited.
  5. Fireworks display are only allowed until 9 o’clock in the evening. So don’t except fireworks on New Year’s Eve countdown.
  6. When shopping for souvenir items, tourists will have to look elsewhere and not at the beachfront, as shops and hawkers along the beach are also banned.
  7. All water sports and diving activities, which had been part of a tourist’s Boracay experience, are temporarily prohibited and suspended.
  8. Sand castle-making is be regulated, which means that tourists will be lucky if during their stay in Boracay Island, they can find one where they can have group pictures or selfies to show that they had been to the island.
  9. Installation of electric lights at the beachfront is no longer allowed.
  10. Adventurous tourists who wish to ride the “habal-habal” or single motorcycles can no longer do this, as “habal-habals” are already  banned in the island

So what do you think of these changes in Boracay? Please share your thoughts on the comments section below.