I was surprised at how small the lobby was at the Nobu Hotel when I checked in with the other members of the Iligan Bloggers Society a few days back. Compared to the brightly lit, grand lobbies complete with chandeliers and huge pillars that is common to 5 star luxury hotels, the Nobu Hotel lobby was a small, dimly lit, low ceilinged rectangular space of understated elegance. I wasn’t paying much attention to details but the first thing that come to mind was it’s subtle Japanese feel. But taking a closer look, this was achieved by its use of modern and traditional Japanese design elements that created the whole effect.

Facilitated by a courteous and friendly receptionist, check in was fast and smooth. I appreciated this because we flew in very late and it was past midnight when we arrived in Manila.

A few minutes later we were ushered to our rooms . Too tired to look at the details, I just washed up, quickly changed clothes and hit the bed. One thing I noticed though before I drifted to sleep, the sheets are so fine and smelled fresh. I’m picky with bedsheets and theirs is just perfect for me.


During our stay, we got the Deluxe Room similar to this one. This is the cheapest among their accommodation. Photo Credit : Nobu Hotels Manila


Flat finished wood over glass panel, wooden towel rack and the stool all adds to the character of the comfort room. . Photo Credit: Nobu Hotels Manila


The dining experience at the Nobu Hotel Restaurant is also unforgettable. The modern neo Japanese theme is very evident but instead of using purely neutrals there were touches of purple and gold with lots of flat finished wood thrown in as accents.



Some parts of the wall also sport white flower prints in black background. Combined with warm lights strategically positioned to highlight some area of the room, the effect was truly captivating. Luxury and elegance is all over the place, but surprisingly it was not designed to awestruck, it was casual, welcoming and very friendly.




Breakfast here gives you a wide option of fruits and pastries. Personally, I love the Japanese style pancakes which is denser than the usual pancakes that I was accustomed to.


The pocket garden in the pool area is also one of the attractions of Nobu Hotel. Aside from the swimming pool, there are “shallow pools” that reinforces the resort feeling. During sunset everything takes on a golden hue, the sky and the shallow pools reflecting the light. And as the setting sun’s light hit on the “golden towers” of the City Dreams, the place becomes magical for an hour or two.






I have not yet explored the other facilities of the hotel but based on what I experienced this place is definitely worth the stay for a day or two. But prices here are steep. If you are budget conscious, then this is not the place for you. When you check in here, be prepared to splurge.

The Nobu Restaurant is not for everybody either. I only got access to it because I was a guest and they serve breakfast there. Dinner is a totally different story. It is not an affordable place to dine at least for us mere mortals. But then, when a place screams of luxury and elegance, there’s usually a high price tag attached to it.

But here’s a tip. You don’t have to dine at the Nobu Restaurant when  you are  staying at the hotel. Since it is part of the City of Dreams complex you will have access to a lot of restaurants that are within your budget.

Things I like :
Beautiful rooms and the sheets.
Pool and the pocket garden.
The orchids. They are everywhere.
Love the Natura Bisse toiletries, bedroom slippers
Breakfast at the Nobu Restaurant
Very Courteous staff.

Things I don’t like:
Hmmm… Nothing.

Will I recommend this to you? Yes, I highly recommend  that you experience this once in awhile. I am not saying you do this often , but for special occasions why not. As I’ve said prices here are steep, but look at it as if you are going away on a vacation. You save for the experience.


City of Dreams Manila, Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard,
Entertainment City, Parañaque 1701, Manila, Philippines
Email: guestservices@cod-manila.com
Telephone: +632 800-8080
Website: http://www.nobuhotelmanila.com/