Action cameras have been around for several years now, but I was not really interested to get one until I started doing walk-through videos last year. On my Facebook page, I post walk-through videos of events or places I visit and these generated a huge amount of engagement among my followers. Unfortunately, using my mirrorless camera without a gimbal is challenging and this greatly limits the kind of footage I want to capture.  Walking around without a gimbal results to shaky footages.


When GoPro Hero 6 was released late last year, I was impressed by the specs, the footages were amazing and the reviews that started to come out on YouTube were great. So, I decided to get one.

After a month of using it, I’m sharing with you in this post four (4)  things that I like about the GoPro Hero 6.

1. Electronic Image Stabilization

Shaky footages has always been a challenge for me and this feature on GoPro Hero 6  made it  easier for me to take smoother videos even without a gimbal. Although the shake was not totally eliminated but looking at from where I came from, my footages are vastly improved. I can now walk around without having to worry about excessive shake.


Here’s my fist walk- through video made with GoPro Hero 6 without a gimbal.

2. Water Proof

I recently made a short vid in one of the mountain resorts here in Iligan using the GoPro Hero 6. I love the fact the it allows me to capture footages in and out of the pool without having to worry about using a waterproof casing. Creating immersive videos has never been easy.

3. Higher frame rates and 4k

I like the idea that Go Pro Hero 6 is capable of recording a maximum of 60 fps at 4k but unfortunately the trade off is it consumes a lot of disk space.   With the internet so slow these days, bigger file sizes are also a pain to upload. So for me, my default is 1080p at 60fps or if I am capturing fast action, I set it at 120 fps.


4. Field of View ( FOV )

The Go Pro 6 gives you 3 FOV choices namely, a) superwide b) wide and c) linear. Very wide angle shots are great when doing walk-through videos so I switch between superwide and wide views.  If I want to take close up shots of food, I use linear view and zoom in or out as the need arises.


My Thoughts on the GoPro Hero 6 

This action cam is definitely a great addition to my arsenal of gadgets that I use to improve content that I create  for my different social media accounts.  This will replace my mirrorless camera as my primary gadget for taking videos. Aside from smoother footage,  it gives me a lot of flexibility when mounted to a selfie stick or a monopod. I could get  overhead shots  or unique  angle shots that are very difficult to achieve.   Image stabilization is not “there” yet in the sense that shake is not totally eliminated. So if you want to further improve viewer experience then you probably need to buy a gimbal.

It is also capable of capturing  good photos in raw format at 12MP but for my instagram account, I would rather use my mirrorless camera using a prime lens when it comes to food photos.  For landscapes, I guess this will be great because of its super wide angle view. Overall, I’m perfectly happy with GoPro Hero 6.