There is already a growing interest among waterfall chasers and nature lovers on Limunsudan Falls. Located in the hinterlands of the border barangay of Iligan City and the province of Bukidnon, the two tiered falls is one of the most beautiful and grandest waterfalls in the Philippines.  But because of its distance from the city proper and the difficulty in going there, the falls have remained unreachable to most.


I had the opportunity of seeing the falls when the Iligan Blogger’s Society organized the 3rd Waterfall Adventure Tour ( WAT 3) with Limunsudan as the primary destination. Along with several bloggers, we embarked on a journey to see for ourselves the much talked about falls.


Since the falls is not directly accessible from Iligan City, we chose a route that would take us to Cagayan de Oro City and then to Talakag, Bukidnon where the roads are more passable. Aboard military trucks, we departed from Iligan in the early hours of the morning. It was a smooth ride until we reached Talakag. But from there, it was a different story altogether. The road was rough and bumpy. At some point we have to walk across an unfinished bridge while the truck have to make a long detour because the bridge cannot accommodate its weight.

We arrived in the sitio of Limunsudan by midmorning.  The villagers and their leaders garbed in their Higaunon attire were there to welcome us. We were led to their town hall where a ritual was to be performed. 

We gathered around their elder and looked on as he slashed the neck of a white chicken. As the blood gushed out, the elder chanted a prayer imploring their gods to give us safe passage and protection as we proceed to the waterfalls.


It took us another thirty minutes of rough and bumpy ride to reach the area where we start our trek to a promontory that gives us a good view of Limunsudan Falls.  
At the onset of the trip, I thought we can actually go near the falls and take a swim in its basin. But I found out that visitors cannot go near the because there is no trail leading to it and the thickly forested area surrounding the it is considered sacred by the natives. 
Although we have to go through thick vegetation, the trek was not so difficult.  
We were walking in silence. The only sound you can hear are the birds in the trees and the harsh shrill of the cicadas. It was also very humid.  After a long day of travelling, my body was already aching and each step towards the promontory seems to take an eternity.  


But when I saw Limunsudan Falls, my tired body was miraculously refreshed. I have already seen a lot of pictures of the falls but it still did not prepare me for its utterly breathtaking beauty. Untouched by humans, seeing it as I stood in the middle of the jungle, the waterfalls gave me a feeling that I have discovered something very precious. Something very rare. To quote a fellow blogger, it was like getting a glimpse of the Holy Grail itself.


The trip back to the village is equally rough and bumpy but after seeing Limunsudan Falls everything seems so easy and bearable. When we got back, the villagers gathered around the town hall and presented a traditional Higaunon dance for us. After a few minutes of picture taking, we bid good bye to our gracious hosts.  It was three o’clock in the afternoon, heavy clouds have gathered and it started to rain. We ran toward the  trucks and began our journey home.