Isidro’s Beach is one of the many resorts that lined up Initao’s coast in Tubigan. Located midway between Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro, the resort is accessible from both cities in less than an hour.

I normally avoid the Initao coast beach strip in Tubigan because of the crowds. Despite its lovely coastline, the crowds have ruined the calm and serenity of the area.  Cottages spaced too close to each other, a lot of people milling around, loud music – these are the things that deter me from going there. For me, one of the ingredients of a perfect day at the beach is a peaceful environment away from the maddening crowds.
I thought there’s none of that until I spent a day at Isidro’s Beach. Located at the end of the strip, it is surprisingly tranquil.
Isidro’s Beach resort have very basic amenities – cottages, a cooling station, comfort rooms and that’s it. No watersports equipment for rent here. No bar, no restaurant, no pool and no landscaped gardens except for coconuts and a few trees that provide the cool shade. The atmosphere is very rustic, but for me, this adds to the charm of the resort. It gives you a feel of being in a secluded place.  


The cottages are big enough for a group of ten people and if you need extra chairs or tables you can request for more. 
What I like most at Isidro’s Beach is its very clean beach front. When I arrived in the morning, I saw their staff removing litter from the beach and even fallen leaves.

So what can one do at Isidro’s Beach? Laze around, enjoy the company of your family or friends, take a dip or sleep under the shade of the tree. In the absence of loud music, the place gives you an opportunity to have conversations or you can just sit by yourself on the white sand, facing the azure sea


Additional Info on Isidro’s Beach: 

Entrance Fee : 30 pesos per head for adults, 15 for kids
Depending on the size, rent for the cottages is P1,200 or P1,500 
Picnic Tables – P500
Make sure you bring enough food. 
To reserve a cottage, please send a message to 0917 7288822 look for Ronald
Location : Tubigan, Initao, Misamis Oriental