I have already seen a lot of pictures of Nacpan Beach on Instagram so I know exactly what it looked like, but when I actually got there a few days back, it did not prepare me for its stunning beauty.


nacpan beach

Only the sun worshippers will venture out in this mid day heat. Note the absence of crowds.


The long stretch of light golden brown sand, four (4) kilometers to be exact, is a beach lover’s dream come true – plenty of sun, clean shoreline peppered with a few beach loungers, a tempting azure sea and the absence of a maddening crowd. These are the perfect ingredients of an idyllic day at the beach.



When our group arrived in Nacpan Beach, it was already high noon. The sun was blisteringly hot. Fortunately, there were several eateries under the shade of the coconut trees. We checked several establishments and settled at Kyla’s Cocina to have lunch. Like most eateries in the area, the structure is a typical nipa hut you see in our beaches . Lunch is a little pricey but the food is good.


It’s a good thing they printed their menu on a large tarpaulin. At least you will know up front the prices of the food.


I ordered a combination of banana and mango shake ( Php 120 ).  Sounds weird but it’s actually refreshing.


nacpan (1)

I am not a big fan of crabs, but these buttered crabs ( Php 250 per serving )  looks so tempting . I had a few bites and it was tasty.


This is my first time to see mussels this big. These buttered mussels are priced at Php220 per serving .


At Php 240 per serving and with that kind of portioning, this is definitely too pricey for an Iliganon but then I’m on vacation so I didn’t really care.

What can you do in Nacpan Beach?

Personally, I’ll just laze around the whole day. Take long walks and explore the whole stretch of the beach. Go for a swim if the sun is not too hot or perhaps in the late afternoon. Enjoy the amazing Nacpan Sunset.

If you worship the sun, then there’s plenty of beach loungers where you can bathe in sunlight to your hearts content. There are kayaks for rent available, you can play volley ball and then I saw some people jogging in late afternoon.




How to get there:

From El Nido Town proper you can go there by rented motorcycle, scooter  or tricycle if you’re into DIY activities.

If you don’t have much time, a day tour package is the best choice. Once arranged, the only thing you do is to hop in the van and off you go. In my case I chose a Day Tour package for Nacpan by Northern Hope Tours . I was happy with their service and chose them in my other tours as well.

Please do checkout their website  Northern Hope Tours   or their

Facebook Page : facebook.com/northernhopetours/

If you’re interested to book a tour,  mention my blog and you might get a discount.