Onboard service is one of Philippine Airlines biggest strengths. I experienced this when I flew to Manila a few days back to attend the Blogapalooza event in the City of Dreams.



I noticed that the staff are very friendly with a ready smile. Since I was on the last evening flight, they probably had a long day and are also very tired. But I can see that they are trying hard to provide the best possible experience for all of us. As we boarded the plane, the flight attendants really go out of their way to help people, especially the senior citizens and women with kids. I was impressed by the extra effort.



A few minutes after take off, the crew started serving snacks and coffee. It’s been awhile since I had flown PAL, the snack and coffee was a delightful surprise. I was a bit hungry and I’m glad that they serve something to eat inflight.


For my return trip, I was booked on an evening flight but knowing the possibility of flight delays, I wanted to reschedule it in the morning. A friend told me that PAL will entertain requests for same day rebooking without additional charges. I was skeptical at first but since we are travelling together, I went along with his plan to go to the airport early and request a rebooking for a morning flight.

True enough, the PAL ground crew processed our request for rebooking by accommodating us on a 10:00 am flight without additional cost to us. Again I was surprised how fast they have processed our request with no fuss at all.

Although PAL may be  more expensive compared to the other airlines, for people who puts a premium on good service, flying with  Philippine Airlines is a good choice.