My house is within walking distance  from  Philocaly Beauty Lounge but  it never occurred to me to check the place out because I thought it caters only to women.  So when I signed up with the Iligan Bloggers’ Society to spend an afternoon of pampering,  I was surprised to learn that they do have
 services that men will certainly enjoy.  

When I finally got to visit Philocaly, I realized that the whole place is gender neutral. I was expecting candy colors but there was none of that. Instead they have tastefully used earth tones with a touch pastels here and there.  The overall effect of the color scheme is utterly relaxing. 

The place is quite small but it was designed in such a way that it doesn’t feel crowded. For me, it is evocative of a cool and extremely comfortable living room of a cozy country cottage.  

Check out this short walk-through video of Philocaly.

Inclusive in all their services, the clients get a complimentary cup of coffee or tea. But in our case, since we were booked as a group, it was designed to be a spa party. They prepared an elegantly laid out table for us. Our group spent an hour enjoying the coffee and delicious pastries. 



For that afternoon, I chose to experience Philocaly’s Soothing Marine Foot Spa .


The Soothing Marine Foot Spa Procedure

It started with a  mineral bath where I soaked my feet in warm water. Then Tata, my attendant for the afternoon,   added minerals and asked me to rub it with my feet  until it dissolved.

And then I had a scrub from my feet up to my calves  effectively removing dead skin.  Then she gently filed the thickened places on my  soles. I love this!  

After that, Tata applied a cooling mask, again from my feet up to my calves,  and wrapped it to keep the minty cool in. She left it there for almost 10 minutes.

Finally, after removing the cooling mask, she applied hydrating oil starting from my feet, working her way up to my calves  and gave me a thorough massage. The entire procedure lasted for an hour. 

Check out my video on the entire procedure.


My Thoughts on Philocaly

For now, I believe THIS is the best place to pamper yourself in Iligan City. A comfortable atmosphere combined with professional services and attention to the finer details adds up to a superior experience for their clients. It’s a little bit pricey and some of the services are outright expensive but I guess  people won’t mind for as long as the experience is worth the buck. 

For more information on their services, you can visit their Facebook Page :


KGG Bldg., Pedro Permites Rd., Brgy. San Miguel, Iligan City
Contact No.: 224 5998 or 0917-5465998