After weeks of living in hotels last November followed by endless parties during the Holiday Season, I ballooned to 187 lbs. I’m already used to this cycle of losing and gaining weight but at 187 lbs I am horrified. This is an all time high and I know how difficult it is to lose a few pounds at my age.

When January came, I started jogging. Every afternoon, I do the rounds for an hour but I feel it’s not enough.

So I thought I’m going to pair my jogging with weights. But going to the gym is out of the question. With my erratic schedule and my dislike for crowded spaces, I can’t sustain a program for long.

Recently I downloaded VGFit Fitness App . Among the fitness apps that I’ve looked, I thought this one will fit my requirements. I’ve been using this for 3 weeks now and so far I’m loving it. .



Here’s a quick look of it’s features:

1. Exercises with video support for every workout;
2. A list of the most effective workouts for every muscle group;
3. Text instruction with pictures for each exercise;
4. Exercise database with new exercises added after each update;
5. Ability to save and track data about your weight and the number of repetitions for each performed exercise;
6. Exercises come with illustrations of the trained muscles;
7. Interactive graphs for your workouts progress by performance, weight and repetitions;
8. Ability to save the history of performed exercises;
9. Built-in timer;
10. Built-in calendar that automatically marks your workout days;
11. Ability to create customized workout plans and add photos;
12. Ability to choose measurement units (kilograms or pounds).


How I used VGFit Fitness App

The apps offers several free exercises / routines  and but you have the option to buy  premium workout plans. For my needs I wanted to burn fats as much as I can and I also wanted to tone my body as I begin to loose weight ( Hopefully ! ).

Looking at their menu of exercises,   I thought  the Fat Burner Routine and the 3 day Home Workout Plan  will suit me.  Both are premium options but fortunately they only cost Php100 each. So I bought it.

Here’s a sample exercise for the 3 day Home Workout Plan. I do this every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the morning.


Here’s a sample exercise for the Fat Burner Routine . I do this every Tuesday, Thursday.




Honestly, the routines are too tough since I’m out of shape but i try to follow it as much as I can. I did a drop few of the exercises and adjusted the timer to suit my stamina.

Here’s  the interface where you can adjust the timer.



My Thoughts on VGFIT Fitness App

If you are a beginner or just starting out in the gym I guess this is the right app for you. There may not be a lot of exercise options available but then it is enough to get you going. I like that the navigation is straightforward and easy to use. The exercise videos are helpful and you can access them offline. Overall, this app is a very good  exercise companion.